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The foundation of Kuyucak Tekstil, one of the leading companies in its sector, started with rug manufacturing under the leadership of Süleyman Kuyucak and has overgrown with its structure that closely follows technological developments, seeks the original in product development, is focused on growth, constantly increases quality and creates the difference.

Kuyucak, which started its activities with the production of rugs, increased its product diversity by turning to different areas in its sector. Kuyucak Tekstil, which produces 50.000 blankets per month today, continued to grow with its solid foundation and improved its existing yarn facility with new investments in 2010, and became able to produce all yarns from Ne 1/1 to Ne 30/1.

Continuing its leadership in yarn investments, as in all its assets, Kuyucak Tekstil has started to produce Recycled yarn with the open-end technique with its environmental awareness. Today, Kuyucak İplik produces approximately 900 tons of Recycled yarn per month, and these yarns come to life in the knitting, weaving, knitwear, and blanket sectors.

Kuyucak Tekstil, which produces fiber, yarn, and blankets in a total area of ​​50,000 square meters, contributes to the country’s economy by providing employment opportunities for approximately 210 people.

Kuyucak Tekstil, which has been producing for the domestic market of Turkey since the day it was founded, has also attached great importance to exports and has taken serious steps towards opening up to the world and reaching broader masses for this purpose. Kuyucak Tekstil, which exports blankets to 20 countries and yarn to 42 countries, provides a significant foreign currency inflow to the country’s economy.

Adopting the principle of continuous development, Kuyucak Tekstil continues to produce and grow with its solid foundation, young and dynamic staff, customer-oriented working approach, quality and care in its products, and stable steps.