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In our Kuyucak yarn factory, we produce our Recycled yarns as colored yarn by the open-end rotor spinning method.

Our recycled yarn’s story begins with fabric waste collection from garment manufacturers after cutting. We separate the fabric wastes we collect according to their colors and mixtures. (We mainly take care that there is no elastane or other fiber in it.) We first cut these pieces of fabric into smaller pieces in the guillotine according to their colors, then turn them into cotton fibers in the fiber opening machine, make colored cotton bales, and put them in our stocks.

While virgin (original) cotton fiber length is generally 29 mm, the fiber length of our recycled cotton

Since it is 11-12mm, reinforcing fiber should be used mainly for finer yarns than Ne 6/1. From this point of view, we produce a mixture of virgin polyester with our Recycled kinds of cotton in our standard production. However, if desired, we can also produce Recycled polyester by discussing the deadline.

It is possible to produce all numbers between Ne 1/1 and Ne 30/1 in our business. We define our blended colors with colored kinds of cotton and white polyester as melange, colored cotton, and colored polyester blended colors as uni-solid.

Our facility has a yarn production of approximately 900 tons/month. Our mixing ratios are generally Cotton 60%-Pes 40%, but there may be deviations of +/- 10%. There may be a +/-5% deviation between lots in our colors and 5% different (other) fibers.

All the colors in our color chart are produced from dyed fabrics. Since they are dyed with varying kinds of cotton and different chemicals from many other factories, we recommend that the yarns you buy from us not be dyed after knitting but only washed at 30 degrees.

Pilling and Fastness values ​​are not compared with the original yarns, and min. We kindly ask you to consider the possibility that a worse result of 1-1.5 points may be encountered. If they have compassionate work, we ask our customers to carry out sample studies and tests and continue their orders accordingly. Because, as the pilling and fastness values ​​of the scraps used in our yarn blend change, there is a possibility that the deals ​​will be better or worse. While some colors and blends come out very well, almost like the original, some stains may deviate by 1-2 points.

We have OEKO-TEX and GRS Certificates, and we have INDITEX approval.

GRS (Global Recycled Standard) must use at least 20% recycled materials, and our customers must also have GRS certificates to be sustainable. The products can be labeled when there is GRS in the apparel section.

Our yarns;

Knitted (clothing t-shirt, sweatshirt, leggings, blouse, tracksuit…etc.)

Weaving (upholstery fabric, outerwear trousers, shirt, jacket … etc.)

Knitwear (sweater, cardigan, beret, gloves….etc.)

It is used in socks, towels, fancy and hobby yarns, and many more.

To deliver a cleaner, more beautiful, and the natural world to future generations by realizing our share of social responsibilities to see our world more livable.

We believe that we will achieve this by working hand in hand with our valued customers.